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makemoregreen.jpgTake a look at this adervtisment (in the December 17 edition of the New Yorker). Take a good look. What’s your immediate reaction? Quickly now. No deep thought. What comes immediately to mind?

Notice all the green paint. The truck is green. There are green tints all over the page. The headline text is green. The message is that the vehicle is green (well, that’s its colour). Green is good. Green is ‘caring for the environment’. Green is ‘fightback’ to reclaim the damage done by the …errr…oil industry and the automobile…Green is a statement of how caring you are. How in tune you are with a ‘sustainable future’ (can I possibly fit in any more vacuous platitudes here?). And if you take in the images on sale here without some kind of mental fuse blowing; you, dear reader, are the problem. Your unquestioning, non-critical, herd-flocking gullibility is indeed the ruination of us all. But of course, there are no readers like that in this place, are there!

Take a look at the claims on offer here. 34MPG! Wow! Imagine that. One gallon gives you 34 miles in this wondrously ‘green’ and ‘environmentally benign’ green vehicular extension of your advanced sense of social consciousness. Green green green. Green is also the colour of bad vomit. And that is my personal reaction to this appalling statement that the human intellect could possibly sink this low. Or that any corporation could possibly think that its clients have such a feeble wit.

I am very sure that the Ford motor company could not possibly be inserting this advertisment as some kind of parody; or masterful statement of loaded irony. No, these people seriously think that such an appalling message could possibly meet some kind of sympathetic reception. Not only that, that the astoundingly stupid people who are sucked into this would actually buy such a piece of environmental vandalism as this pile of oil fuming garbage.

Come on! This truck is about as in tune with meeting contemporary environmental challenges as is the tobacco industry with human health. Actually, it rather seems that the automobile industry and the tobacco industry are using the same marketing strategy, if not the same advertising agency for their declarations of social responsibility. Green cars and cigarettes with alpine freshness. Same deal.

Is this the kind of response we can expect from the residents of the tar pit (the oil industry and its attendant automobile peripherals) to address the global warming catastrophe that now threatens us all with ultimate extinction? Do they think that the insertion of hybrid engines into urban trucks is likely to mitigate anything at all? That is the same thing as a bunch of astronauts busily redecorating the exterior of their spaceship with nice apocalyptic scenes as it plunges out of control into a nearby sun.

Intriguingly and poignantly, check out this letter to the editor of the exact same edition of the New Yorker that carried this deplorable advertisment:

Alternative Energy

Elizabeth Kilbert argues that, in view of the atrocious average gas milage of current cars, the present rate of global oil consumption, and the anticipated exponential growth in Indian and Chinese car ownership, the very existance of the automobile is imperilled (Books, November 5th). Only the invention of a ‘super car’ that runs on a ‘safe, inexpensive, and …inexhaustible’ power source would save it from extinction. But we already have a ‘super car’: the bicycle, whose fuel source is indeed safe, inexpensive (free), and inexhaustible. Considering that forty percent of this country’s oil use comes from passenger cars, and that cars account for eighty-two per cent of trips of five miles or less – a distance easily travelled by bike – it is clear that the bicycle can do more for our health and fuel security than any concept car developed by G.M., Chrysler, or Ford. Our real job is not to pursue the ever-elusive technology that will allow our car addiction to continue but to transform our cities from sprawling suburban jungles into compact, human-sized neighborhoods where bicycling can flourish.

Andra Brosy, Portland, Ore.

Do the citizens of the tar pit worry that their 4WD ‘green’ truck campaign is sitting in the same place as letters (and associated sentiments) such as that?

I rather think that Ford is doing us a favour. They are helping those currently addicted to the marketing-driven, intellectually-disabled cult of the car to approach the tipping point of the great, inevitable culture shift of genuine transport alternatives. What miniscule proportion of humanity could possibly be stupid enough to continue their adulation of these metalic mostrosities once the automobile industry has so profoundly announced their own lack of intellect via proclamations such as this? The car industry has lowered their intellectual bar to such a degree that their followers must now be intellectually incapacitated to the point of coma. And you can’t drive a truck/car then, can you!

4 Responses to “An Indicator of Terminal Stupidity”
  1. Hilton Meyer says:

    Leprechaun’s are also green;)

  2. get real says:

    You’re right. SHAME on Ford for making this 34mpg SUV. They should just keep making the 8mpg Excursion!
    (sarcasm intended).

    You fit right in with the waaa waaa waaa I want it now mentallity….

    In the REAL world, 34mpg is better than 8mpg. (use a calculator if you must).

    YES there is still room for HUGE improvements. But as the advertisement says it is “more green” (than other SUV’s)

  3. where have you been says:

    Where have you been? The Ford Escape Hybrid is several years old now. You seem to think it’s new to the market. Further, it is the most fuel efficient SUV on the market in North America.

  4. administrator says:

    well then, that does not say much for hybrid suv’s does it! My point is that while 38mpg might be better than 8mpg, the 1000 or so mpg that one can get from a bicycle is rather better still. Having said all that, I recall that the Landrover Discovery Tdi that I have gets up to 50mpg. But again, so what? They are all oil guzzling piles of overbloated tin that stand as testimony to the abject waste of contemporary civilisation. Especially when driven by overbloated single drivers for short trips that could so easily be achieved by bike or foot. Just when did SUV’s or 4WD’s escape from their rightful place on the farm to become a fashion statement for urban commuters? What an astounding statement these things make when parked in an urban driveway. To me, the message these owners give is clear: global warming is YOUR problem, not mine.

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