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Welcome to blog. This is the journal space of an environmental researcher who happens to think that bicyclism is really the mechanical manifestation of a vastly deeper cultural setting that is totally consistent with long term economic-environmental-community sustainability and resilience. Bicyclism administrator, Roderic Gill was, up to the end of 2007, the leader of a university transdisciplinary research team involving the production of over 20 Phd theses and many projects generally around the theme of community-collaborative sustainability initiatives. The key theme of that group was that progress towards genuinely resilient sustainability must ride on the wave of significant cultural change or ‘paradigm shifts’ in the way we see, understand and act in relation to our connection with the environment that sustains us all. Entry into the world of ‘life cycling’ (were cycling is an embedded part of life and community) is one easily accessible pathway into the settings of sustainable communities and economies that changes virtually all aspects of our lives: our physical being, our ways of seeing things and our ways of doing things. Taking cycling into one’s life is a catalyst for sustained change that impacts at vastly more levels than simply putting a few solar panels on one’s roof or buying a hybrid car. Cycling is vastly more than a mode of transport. It is a vehicle for physical well being, sharpens the wit, opens the senses, reconfigures our sense of space and place and underpins a vastly more environmentally benign lifestyle. If we all rode bicycles, there would be no oil wars in Iraq, vastly less atmospheric carbon, lower pressure on health systems and a generally slower and more considered pace for life in general.

Bicyclism blog is a probably quirky exploration of the culture shifts needed to sustain genuinely resilient sustainability. Deliberately facetious, often histrionic and hopefully entertaining, Bicyclism blog is a celebration of the holistic magnificence of the cycling for life (life cycling) paradigm.

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